Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thing 23

I've really enjoyed learning about the many tools available on Web 2.0 and I'm looking forward to next year's challenge.
My favorite discoveries from Web 2.0 are Wikis and Google Docs. I think they will become so useful to this organization. I know they have been helpful to the Web 2.0 committee and I'm sure all committees, branches, and departments will find them useful at some point.
I think the thing I like least about this challenge is coming to the end. I love to learn new things and I really liked the structured way of finding these new technologies without having to search for and discover them myself.
I showed my sons Zoho.com's Project Management Software, but I'm not sure it will work for their application. I also had such a good time with YouTube and sharedwith my sister the link of our Uncle George playing trombone. She was very interested in that and I showed her how to find things like it on YouTube.
It's been a wonderful experience.

Thing 22

Listen NJ is one of the best services we offer. I signed up for an account when it first became available through Ocean County Library. Since then I have downloaded only a few things as I typically get books on CD. When I get my new MP3 player I will make better use of this service because it is safer. I won't be changing CDs while I'm driving.
One great value I got from this service is from the Learn a Language category. I downloaded Dr. Blair's Italian in No Time, burning it to CD. I did this with his Spanish set also. Dr. Blair's audio books are a fun way to learn a language, but now I am getting my Italian and Spanish mixed up!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thing 21

Podcasting has long been one of my coworker's passions. She uses them for all kinds of entertainment and learning opportunities. I have a hard time concentrating on audio books because I am not an audio learner. My mind wanders easily without visual stimulation to keep me attached to what I'm listening to. I explored podcast.com and found this interesting "Free Yoga Philosophy Course" which explains the 5 elements of Yoga. I guess part of my problem with audio learning is my hearing problem. I can not hear well out of one ear and may have just become disinterested in audio presentations of any kind. I don't listent to much music either.
It looks live video podcasts will be more useful to me. I can download those onto my laptop. This one looked good to try out Yoga Video Sun Salutation

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thing 20

You Tube is very interesting. I can find videos on so many subjects that I could spend all my free time just exploring this site. I am amused by so many of them, but I am also dismayed to see some disturbing videos previewed while I am looking at g-rated submissions. I realize this site is meant to be used by all, but I would like to see them moderate the violent and adult-content videos into another location. At least You Tube could prevent the thumbnail preview of questionable content videos.
Here is a great video of some people who expanded their garden pond. Steve wants to replace our above-ground swimming pool with a pond like this because he wants me to swim with the fishes.
My Video Clips show my son, Steven, racing in the Duryea Mountain Bike race in 2005. He is wearing black and red. In the second video he can be seen racing down the stairs at minute 1:32.
Here's a great video of my uncle/godfather George Masso playing the trombone. This is my favorite music.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Thing 19

The Web 2.0 Awards highlighted several interesting categories of websites that will be helpful for me. I immediately visited the Travel category where I discovered a very helpful site called farecast.com. I have often fretted about waiting to purchase airline tickets because I am gambling that the price I find today is going to be the best price I'll see. This site helps people decide when the best time to purchase airline tickets and make hotel reservations based on predicted fluctuations in airline pricing. I am adding this one to my del.icio.us site Kathi's Travel Links
begreennow.com looked pretty interesting too. It will help me to calculate the value of my carbon footprint and offers tips on how to reduce that.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Thing 18

This is a very exciting discovery for me. I looked over Google Docs during Thing 10 and created a mini slide show to see how it worked. I am enjoying experimenting with these new tools. Zoho has many more background design options than Google Docs. Perhaps I will adjust my PowerPoint class to include training in Zoho and Google Docs versions. This will allow participants the opportunity to practice and create professional presentations without having to buy the Microsoft software or download Open Office. I really like the idea that a presentation can be saved on the Internet or the computer and shared with others via the net.
I am loving this whole experience!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thing 17

I finally got to play in the sandbox! Can you guess which National Championship team I noted as my favorite?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thing 16

Wikis! I couldn't wait to get here. I've heard staff talking about them and am looking forward to creating a useful wiki for our branch circulation department and training team.
In exploring the Library Success Wiki I looked into the Management and Leadership category. One subject I was looking for was motivation and it wasn't there. I may have to create on for them. I did explory some of the others in that category and some were helpful, others had very little information.
I googled Yoga Wikis and found quite a few. I will enjoy reading those and possibly adding to them as well as wikis on gardening.

Thing 15

In reading "Away from Icebergs" it seems that Rick Anderson feels that buying print materials will become a waste of money because these materials will all be available online. Many people will have access to online information only through the library, and while the items may be available here it is not conceivable that a person will be able to read the content of something like "Macbeth" during the hours the library is open. This concept concerns me because we may be essentially limiting services rather than expanding them. I feel it is important to offer electronic access to materials, but I also feel we still need to meet the needs of the people without electronic access or technological savvy.
Michael Stephens' profile of Librarian 2.0 is a model I believe we are already exemplifying. Forward-thinking, anticipating the needs of our customers and considering the usefulness of technological applications for their benefit rather than bragging rights.
The future is here...